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24th-28th Sept 2014 31st  October 2015

Another Record Broken!

Morgan has become the youngest magician ever to have performed her act in a Gala Show at the International Brotherhood of Magician’s convention.

Halloween Magic & Fright Night

Morgan will be performing along with her fellow magician’s from the Acorn’s Magic Society at…………..

More Details to follow soon.

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I have a weapon and I’m not afraid to use it!

Morgan performing in the Gala of Youth, Bournemouth.

Morgan is regularly in the press and has raised over £25,000 for charities with her magic shows over the last two years. Much of this has gone to the local children’s hospice to which Morgan has always shown a great interest.

In her short career Morgan has become quite well known in the magic fraternity and has met many of the biggest names in magic from all over the world.

She attends many of the magic conventions held around the UK and has actually performed at some of them. She is the youngest magician ever to perform in the ‘Stars Of The Future’ show for the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring No. 25.

Most recently in 2014 Morgan became the youngest person ever to perform in the Gala of Youth show at the British convention of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Morgan was born in February 2003 and at the age of three played a two minute part in a magic show performed by her father and other members of Hereford Magical Society. Morgan quickly caught the magic bug and pleaded to play a bigger part in the show which led to her assisting in two illusions.

At five years old she announced that being an assistant was not for her anymore and she staked her claim on the magicians job!

This rapidly led to her performing her own ten minute show and she became very popular in the local community.

Today at the ripe old age of twelve years she performs a forty minute act of magic and illusion, has appeared at many of the UK’s major venues and has made several TV appearances.