Amazing Morgan © Stewart Bevan

The Amazing Morgan




24th-28th Sept 2014 31st  October 2015

Another Record Broken!

Morgan has become the youngest magician ever to have performed her act in a Gala Show at the International Brotherhood of Magician’s convention.

Halloween Magic & Fright Night

Morgan will be performing along with her fellow magician’s from the Acorn’s Magic Society at…………..

More Details to follow soon.

Morgan has successfully gained entry to the following magical societies and is very proud to be a member of them all The Society of American Magicians junior division known as Honorary member of Hereford Magical Society As a result of Morgan's charity fundraising through magic she was honoured by being featured on the front cover of ‘The Magic Symbol’ the Official Publication of The Society of Young Magicians. Morgan has recently become a member of the junior section of the International Brotherhood of Magicians